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1.  “$99 Get Started Package
(Required for anyone new to pilates).  Jump right into gaining the benefits of pilates with 2 special private sessions for only $99.  A $187.50 value!  A great way to find out what reformer pilates is all about.  Call the studio, to schedule your first appointment–which is 75 minutes.  The second, 50 minute private, will be scheduled from there.  This may also be given in Gift Certificate form for that special someone).  (Appointments will take place on 2 separate days).

2.  Group Class Single ($22.50)
(Prior pilates reformer experience required).  Best way to try-out the studio with minimal investment.  Must call the studio prior, to reserve space and discuss your individual pilates background!

(At first studio visit, new client will be given a password to schedule group classes and make purchases online)

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Group Class Offerings & Descriptions:


The “reformer” class is the studio’s specialty for 2 reasons:  it’s FUN and it WORKS!  The “universal reformer” is the most versatile piece of studio equipment invented by Joe Pilates to strengthen and lengthen the body.  It is a unique machine comprised of pulleys and weighted springs (in addition to a client’s own body weight) to help the user’s body achieve strength, length and balance.  Flow is achieved, when the participant and the machine, literally become one, moving in seamless, whole-body harmony.  There is nothing like it!  (Class content is constantly changing; see studio’s FACEBOOK page for a particular week’s “theme.”) (Class is 50 minutes)

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Other Offerings & Descriptions:

Private Session
Individual private sessions provide the most effective way to focus on an individual’s unique needs and to maximize the understanding of movements and concepts unique to the Pilates Method.  Each session is personally designed to meet specific client criteria and is the only option in which all studio equipment may be utilized.  (Session is 50 minutes)

Private sessions are most useful for:

  • Anyone seeking individual attention and instruction at his/her own pace
  • Anyone wanting to learn all about studio equipment and how to use it
  • Athletes wanting to improve performance on a specific sport:  (golf, cycling, running, tennis, horse-back riding, etc.)
  • Athletes training for a particular event:  (triathlon, marathon, etc.)
  • Post-Rehabilitation (due to injury or car accident, etc.)
  • Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Women
  • Special Conditions (osteoporosis, chronic back pain, etc.)
  • Special Occasions (weddings, reunions, etc.)

A class designed just for 2!  The perfect way for you and a friend to experience the benefits of pilates in a private setting.  Class can focus strictly on the reformer or can include tower and/or mat repertoire.  (For best results, both participants should have somewhat similar abilities). (Class is 50 minutes).

Open Studio
Open to intermediate and advanced clients with owner permission.  Clients can practice skills or create their own workouts using studio equipment.  Contact the studio for more details and to obtain special clearance to schedule an online reservation.  Signed liability release required.  (Sessions are 50 minutes)

(Note:  class offerings are subject to change, due to client enrollment and instructor availability)

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"…complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit." –Joseph H. Pilates